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MIND YOUR BUSINESS - Stratis Morfogen develops a socially distant way to dump them out.

Seeing the words "Stratis Morfogen" in the headline probably means less-than-nothing to the majority of people reading this, so I'll explain...

Stratis is currently the Executive Managing Director of Brooklyn Chop House.  He was also a founder at Phillippe Chow and has owned and operated numerous restaurants in Manhattan and the Hamptons since the early 90s.  He comes from a family of restauranteurs, and has worked from busboy, to chef, and eventually to owner.

He was in the headlines recently after calling out fellow restauranteur, Danny Meyer, whose Shake Shack restaurants applied for (and eventually got $10 million worth of) emergency loans from the federal government... Even though that money was earmarked for small businesses.

Outside of Shake Shack, other big chains like Potbelly and Ruth’s Chris Steak House also got tens of millions of dollars while many smaller restaurants walked away with nothing.

So Stratis and I shit on Danny Meyer a little bit even after Meyer's Shake Shack, with its 189 outlets and nearly 8,000 employees in the US, acknowledged that the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program had been carried out unevenly, and said it would return the $10 million it had received.

Outside of that, we also touch on the future of drunken dumpling eating on the Lower East Side and 1 or 2 other quarantine adaptation tidbits.

Similar to last week's installments, these videos run longer-than-normal for Barstool's audience, but Booze and I feel like they are more of a video podcast than anything else, so we are sticking with the format for as long as this quarantine lasts.

Tomorrow, we have a friend-of-the-firm telling us about his success in adding to Chicago's obesity problem even in this pandemic, and we also hear from a man from Austin, TX whose 10-year-old drive-in movie operation now provides the perfect night out in a time of social distancing.

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