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MIND YOUR BIZ - Quarantine Dating, A Jersey Deli, and Joe The Gay Barber

I don't care how bad things get during this pandemic, people will always want to get laid and they will probably need a good sandwich after the act.  So this week I have Roger from Park Wood Deli in Midland Park, NJ telling us how he's giving back and staying open.

He also introduces us to his favorite barber.

Afterward, we hear from Justin of Quarandate (Insta: @QuaranDate) who is not only matching up people online BUT is also letting friends and family into their virtual room AND is providing a host to make sure these 'dates' don't deteriorate into some catfish who is using Justin's platform as an excuse to show his penis to a buxom stranger in a tight navy blue blouse.

And for those of you who are still sober during this quarantine... Shame on you.

Last episode's guest, Michael Zinke from Zinke Wines, has a special promo for people who read my shit... Go to and use code LARGE at checkout for a total of 25% off of their whole collection.

Lastly, if you know anyone who has found a way to make their business thrive during this pandemic, have them reach out to and we'll have them on.

Take a report and mind your business.


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