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MIND YOUR BUSINESS- CrossFit Is Cancelled

I tend to shit on things I either don't understand or fear.

CrossFit has always embodied a little bit of both for me because I am fat, weak, and sensitive about both my aforementioned weight problem AND lack of strength.

The women of CrossFit are particularly intimidating, so I have always found it best to just stay away. 

But all that changes today... And this blog will not only spotlight a small CrossFit business that is staying profitable through this pandemic, but it will also be an homage to the beautiful women of CrossFit through as many moderately inappropriate GIFs as I can find.

This week on Mind Your Business we have a CrossFit "box" owner named Aaron Landes who has not only pivoted his business to suit quarantine restrictions, but also rebranded his operation to distance himself from the now-disgraced founder of the CrossFit religion.

For people unaware, CrossFit’s founder and CEO, Greg Glassman, had tweeted something deemed racist a couple of weeks ago related to George Floyd.  Since then, the backlash has been worse than that of any "noose" or syrup bottle, and people affiliated with the brand have begun to head for zee hills, so to speak.

Such is the case with Monument Fitness in Charlestown, Mass (formerly CrossFit Lando), where Aaron overhauled his operation from a model that always offered more options than just traditional CrossFit to a more well-defined platform providing something called "functional fitness".

Potato... Potahto... I am not doing burpees in a room full of muscular women.

But Aaron is sweating away, building a community in the Charlestown area focused around overall fitness, and I promised him I would give one of his online classes a whirl, but only if I am joined by Charlestown's own (and co-star of The Town with Batman, Jon Hamm, and Hawkeye)- Rear Admiral.


If you want to know more about Monumental Fitness, you can click here, or listen to Aaron's podcast, Getting Woked, right here.

And, as always, if you know anyone who has a small business with an interesting story, have them reach out to Booze and me at and we'll give them a platform to front squat their story.

Have a great Fourth of July week, everyone... And for Christ's sake, don't exercise because...


Mind your business, and take a report.


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