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MIND YOUR BUSINESS- The Cheat Codes For Dating

This week's edition is just for the fellas.

As we here at Mind Your Business have tried to stay current on what type of small businesses have thrived throughout this quarantine, there are two profitable themes that have remained constant - Catering to a man's need to get drunk and catering to a man's desire to get laid.

The drunk part we have done to death, and will probably attack again in a couple of weeks, while the "romantic" part we have tackled solely from a virtual basis... Sheltered In Love was an Instagram dating show we highlighted just a few weeks ago and Quarandate was a virtual dating service that we tackled back in May.

But what about when the game gets moved back to a face-to-face venue?

What happens when the single guy has to try and crack the female code with nothing to help him but his own wits?

Well... I never trusted my own wits for anything.  That's why I cheated my way through college and lied my way through most of my professional life.

"If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying."

- Joe Montana, Richard Petty, Gaylord Perry and a shitload of other winners

And it's also the reason why we are highlighting a business this week that gives you Cliffs Notes to landing the girl of your dreams.

Our guest, Marni, has spent the past 14 years helping guys "get lucky" with women... Sometimes "lucky" means a first date and other times "lucky" means you wind up balls deep in someone you just met.

Either way, her Wing Girl Method is designed to boost your confidence by getting a clear understanding of how women work, what they want, and why they do the things they do. 

Now, I know there is a shitload of guys who are saying, "I don't need some broad's help to bag a lady."

But I also know there is a bigger shitload of guys who get push notifications when new Fleshlights are introduced to the market.

For that latter shitload, Marni might be the edge you need.

You can sign up for her free newsletter, watch her videos on YouTube, or go to her website and get a tailored program to fit your needs.

Much like Will Smith in that awful movie Hitch, Marni will give you the right bait, you provide your own pole (metaphorically), and then it's up to you to simply pick what size fish you wanna drag onto your boat of love.

Giphy Images.

(I believe those are manatees, but still)

Happy hunting, mind your business, and take a report.


If you know of any small businesses that are making it through this quarantine relatively unscathed, we would love to tell their story.  Have them reach out to and Booze and I will have them on.


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