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MIND YOUR BUSINESS- A Night At The Ballpark

I know people are dying to get back out to the ballpark to actually watch baseball, but until someone gives the green light, we just have to make do.

I am making do by posting barely related GIFs from the softball scene in 2000's Coyote Ugly...

... and Ryan Kuer, president of the Daytona Tortugas, is doing something less pornographic by opening up the historic Jackie Robinson Ballpark this weekend for families who want to stake out their own little plot in the outfield and watch some movies.

The Tortugas are selling 10 by 10 areas for $20 (with 10-foot socially-distant-acceptable buffers on all sides). Concession booths and beer stands will be open all night, and the forecast is calling for temps in the mid-60s with clear skies.

Ryan said his organization got the idea from the drive-in movie segment that Mind Your Business ran 2 weeks ago, so I am happy that there has been at least some inspiration (and hopefully some profits) generated from this little project that Booze and I have been fucking around with.

They will be showing the movie 42 which is the Jackie Robinson story, and you can get tickets and info right here.

Again... If you know of anyone who is finding ways to adapt their business model to remain relevant in this pandemic, have them hit us up at and we'll gladly have them on to tell their story.

I forgot just how bad Coyote Ugly was until I saw this broad's reverse batting grip... But I guess that was never the point.

Mind your business, and take a report.


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