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MIND YOUR BUSINESS- What's your Vice?

This week on MIND YOUR BUSINESS we have 2 small business owners and one more excuse for me to day-drink soooooo...

Jim Benedetto of Scotto's Wines in Brooklyn has been my go-to wine guy for the past 20 years, or so... Small, family-owned joint that has been around since before Prohibition and is now like a Toys R Us for adults.

Jimmy has been busy-as-balls throughout the quarantine because the sale of alcohol wasn't considered an "essential business" during this pandemic on accident, so he is making some hay while the sun is shining.

One of the newer labels Jim has gotten me into is The Vice, so we had Malek Amrani from The Vice Wines go over 2 of their more popular reds that you probably never heard of.

(I just mentioned 2 wines and the word "heard", and this is Amber Heard with 2 glasses of wine... Perhaps on her way to beat up Johnny Depp?)

Here's the deal for people who aren't necessarily oenophiles nor care to look up what exactly an "oenophile" is... The Vice is a small operation that sources grapes from over 30 sources, and they make a couple of $35 bottles of red that will drink as clean as anything you'll see in a steakhouse.

I turned a few people onto Zinke's Syrahs a couple of weeks ago and it has already destroyed nearly a dozen relationships... Hoping to do the same thing here with The Vice's Tri-Blend and/or Cabernet Sauvignon.  So if you go to their website, you will get 25% off of your online order with the code: BARSTOOL.

And if you're looking for this or any other special bottle in the future, true gentlemen use Scotto's Wines for all their boozy needs

I might step away from alcohol-related companies for a while because my liver is blacker than Jimmy Fallon in a moment of weakness...

... but if you know of any small businesses that will be emerging from this quarantine in the black, have them reach out to Booze and me at and we will tell their story.

Mind your business and take a report.


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