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Here's the second half of the first episode of that new video series developed by Booze and I called Mind Your Business.

Today's guests...

- Erik from United Sommeliers who is throwing a HUGE wine auction next month in order to keep his fellow oenophiles paid.

- Daniel from Salem, MA who has transferred his restaurant Ledger into a package goods store for the people in his community... Here is the link for online orders.

- Mason from Maywood Karate in NJ who is now teaching students as far away as Isreal in his "virtual dojo" (because the world needs more dangerous Israelites right now)... His story is found on either their Facebook or YouTube.

- Jaime from Big G's Pizza in Wrigleyville which serves NY style pizza in Chicago and was ahead of the curve in taking pie donations for local healthcare workers, which in turn has kept the lights on for his employees.  

Again... All of these people are finding ways to adapt their traditional business plans in order to stay afloat in a global quarantine, and we hope their stories can inspire and entertain.

I have another group of people lined up this week, including a drive-in movie owner in Texas... With BlueTooth reception in vehicles and some clever marketing, his drive-in has become the ideal contact-free movie-going experience.

If you or anyone you know has an interesting story, feel free to reach out to us at and we'll keep this bitch rolling until things get back to normal.

Take a report and mind your business.



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