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"I WANT YOU INSIDE OF ME"- Syracuse Salt Potatoes (and a smattering of cheesecake)

I haven't posted any GIFs in a while... Starting to get backed up (tee hee), so will throw a couple in here randomly.

Apparently, a bunch of Irish salt miners in Upstate NY found an easy way to make a cheap lunch... I'm Irish, easy, and cheap (sexually), so here you go.

I know boiling food is not re-inventing the wheel, but the brine in this recipe has such a high boiling point that it turns each one of these little cocksuckers into mashed potato bombs wrapped in salt-crusted potato skins.

Those few salt bombs that were leftover, I sliced up the next day and fried them crispy in butter... It was better than any order of home fries I have ever eaten, and you can imagine that this fat fuck has had his share of home fries.

Bone ape tit, and take a recipe.


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