Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 62 - Some New Hobbies

-Someone with a tear drop tattoo would probably have a real tough time pleading innocence on a murder trial. 

-Back in pre-Corona days, I used to check the weather each morning in hopes that it would be nice out. Now, I check every day in hopes that it’s absolutely miserable out so I don’t feel like we’re missing out on nice spring weather. Give me 43 and rainy every single day. 

-When I was a kid, one of my weird hobbies was looking at DVD cases, memorizing movie times, and then quizzing myself. If this quarantine lasts long enough, I may bring that back. 

-People in wheelchairs probably never have to tie their shoes. 

-The other day, I accidentally sent $40 to the wrong person on Venmo. He sent it back and said “wrong person.” A lot of people are calling it the feel good story of the year. Movie adaptation to come. 

-I tweeted about the previous Venmo incident I just mentioned, and it got over 30,000 likes. I did not see that coming at all. If anything, it made me a little angry. I feel like I’ve had better tweets that were more deserving of those numbers. That should not have been such a popular tweet. 

-I don’t think I know how to play monopoly. 

-”Ya’ll mind if I suck down a ‘nanner real quick?” is one of the weirdest things a person can say before eating a banana. 

-I have a feeling that one day I’m gonna give a commencement speech at a college graduation and go viral for how unbelievably inspiring it is. I’m really basing this off nothing. Just a gut call. 

-How am I handling quarantine boredom, you ask? The other day I got genuinely excited and said “Oh that’ll be something to do tonight!” in regards to putting away laundry. 

Thank you for your time.