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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 96 - Does Anyone Want Pictures Of My Feet?

-I find it interesting that ATMs make you take your card back before grabbing the cash. They must find that people are more likely to forget the card than to forget the cash. I’ve thought a lot about it, and I think that’s probably the right decision. 

-I’m someone who won’t hesitate to take back an apology. For example, one time I was walking the street and someone walked past me, making contact with my swinging arm. I instinctively said, “Oh sorry.” But then I realized it’s nothing I have to apologize for. I didn’t intentionally hit him with my arm. If anything, it’s more his fault. So I then said, “Actually, no. I’m not.” He the gave me the dirtiest look I have ever received, but I stand by my principles. 

-I would like some kind of recognition for being a pre-pandemic germaphobe. I’ve always been washing my hands like crazy, opening doors with my shirt, avoiding touching people’s hands, and just overall being disgusted by others. Now it’s “trendy” to be weary of germs, but Tommy’s been on this train for awhile. Now, do I think this makes me better than other people? Yes.

-Little known fact about me: I’ve never had a full bag of Little Bites muffins. I’ve tried them here and there, but never a full one to myself. I almost had one earlier, but then I thought, “No. I’ll never have them.” It’ll be my thing. “Oh Tommy Smokes? He’s the guy that’s never had a full bag of Little Bites. He’s the man.”

-I’d heard the horror stories of it happening to other people. I’ve seen them shed the tears. I’ve had nightmares about it myself. But I never experienced it first hand …. until Tuesday night, when it happened to me. I ordered my dinner to my office instead of my apartment. It’s 1000x worse than I imagined. 

-I’m amazed by the feet picture market. It actually makes me kind of jealous that I don’t have a foot fetish because I’d have so much material to look at. But also so many people make money selling feet pics, that I’m kind of upset nobody’s asked me for pics. I kind of want to get in on this gold rush. If you pay me, I will send you pictures of my feet, no hesitation. 

-I don’t think this is something many people will relate to, but I need to get it off my chest. Every time I go to a pub or tavern, someone always says, “Oh this place has a good french dip sandwich.” But it’s impossible for all these places to have a good french dip. I think that a french dip is just a good sandwich and people like it, but it’s not that the restaurant does anything special to it. These places make an average french dips sandwich, but it's just a good sandwich by nature of what it is. I feel better now. 

Thank you for your time. 

Tommy's Thursday Thoughts

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