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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 77 - Elevator Goodbyes

-I got a DM from a kid the other day saying his friend broke his ankle and that they’d love me to send a “Get well soon” video since they’re big fans. Now I did it. Because I’m a good person and because I knew I would include this thought. But I have to say a broken ankle is reaalllly a stretch for a “get well soon” video. Like leukemia? Okay, get well soon, Gary. But a broken ankle is a liiiittle too minor to start pulling Make-A-Wish shit. 

-This is maybe a little deeper than most Thursday Thoughts, but I always get annoyed when older generations complain about younger generations. All generations are just a byproduct of the world that was created for them by previous generations. It’s not realistic to expect kids today to put down TikTok to go be a chimney sweep or some shit. People just adapt to the world they’re born into. If even the most hardened boomer who yells at clouds was born in like 2004, he’d probably be doing the Renegade right now. 

-“In” and “on” are two words with different meanings and can almost never be used interchangeably. Unless they precede the word “time” since “on time” and “in time” mean the same thing. Just an observation. 

-Deciding whether or not to say some sort of goodbye to a stranger as you leave an elevator can be a tough decision. Are you supposed to wish a farewell to this person you’ve awkwardly shared a small metal box with for 60 seconds? My personal rule of thumb is that if we’ve exchanged any words, even a “what floor?” then I will give them a “Have a good one” as I exit. 

-I have two categories of shirts. Nicer shirts that I don’t want wrinkled are called “Hanger Shirts.” Then there are crappier shirts that I don’t really care about which get sloppily folded and packed away which are “Drawer Shirts.” That’s all I have on this matter. 

-As a kid, nothing in the world was more exciting than the reveal of the Power Rangers new uniforms. I’m still chasing those highs. 

-Some of you may be wondering by now, “Wow the hell did Tommy get Dave Franco to do a guest spot on this week’s Thursday Thoughts?” But it’s just me after a haircut. And I have to say, it was kind of emotional saying goodbye to my hair. My hair may never get that long again.I teared up a little before getting in the barber chair. 

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” 


And also me. Saying goodbye to my curly afro. 

Thank you for your time. 

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