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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 93 - Xoxo

-I love when the local weather is nicer than the Cupertino weather. Always feels like a win over those bastards. 

-I just learned that when people write “xoxo”, the “x” is a kiss and the “o” is a hug. That makes absolutely no sense. I always assumed the “x” is a hug because it’s like arms crossing. Then the “o” is a kiss like puckered lips. Also people say “hugs and kisses” so the order would make you think that too. 

-Whenever I clean my apartment or organize my room, I always say to myself, “Okay THIS is the time everything stays clean and organized.” It never is. 

-Whenever I tell someone that I’m an only child, they typically say something like, “Oh that makes so much sense.” And I think it is definitely an insult. 

-If you’re ever on a first date and feel like you’re running out of things to talk about, try this little nugget. People sometimes use “dinner” and “supper” interchangeably. But the term “supper” only applies to your evening meal if it's lighter than your lunch. If you have a big lunch and a light meal at night - that’s “supper.” If you have a light lunch and a bigger meal at night - that’s “dinner.” Just be prepared for the ensuing, steamy make out session. 

-Sometimes I wonder if I’ve ever been in the background of a hidden camera show and I just don’t know it. 

-I hate when random numbers come to my head and I feel like it’s an epiphany of lottery numbers. Because then I feel a lot of pressure to go play them even though I don’t want to. 


If those hit, I would like a share of your winnings. 

-Here is a genuine piece of life advice. If you can’t make a decision on something, flip a coin. While the coin is in the air, you’ll instinctively choose what side you really want it to land on and there’s your answer. I did that with 10 minutes left to choose between Fordham or Georgetown for college. When the coin was in the air, I knew I wanted to go to Fordham. It ended up falling under my couch and I still don’t know what side it landed on to this day. Pretty powerful stuff. 

Thank you for your time. 

Tommy's Thursday Thoughts

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