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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 92 - Should We Repeal The 3rd Amendment?

-People too often incorrectly use the phrase “I lied.” They’ll say something like, “The game is on at 8. Oh I lied, it’s on at 7.” But that’s not a lie. It’s just a simple mistake. A lie is an intentionally false statement. A mistake is not a lie. People should learn this. 

-We hear a lot about the First and Second Amendments, but I want a politician who focuses on the Third Amendment. Maybe try to repeal it so we’re forced to quarter soldiers in our homes in both war and peace times. Let’s focus on what really matters. 

-A big annoyance of mine is when people ask you “Is it raining outside?” when you’re both inside with the same exact resources to figure this question out. 

-I think it’s weird that phonebooks used to just say “Hey, here’s everyone in the world’s phone number. Go nuts.” Seems like a pretty major violation of privacy and a stalker’s dream come true. 

-It’s way meaner to call a borderline person fat or short than it is to say that to someone who’s really fat or short. At a certain point, fatness and shortness just become objective based on statistics. But if you’re kinda fat or kinda short and it’s not totally clear, it would hurt way more to hear that. 

-I have no idea what a blouse is. 

-I think we can all agree that Starbucks is viewed as a classier establishment than McDonalds. Yet I’d feel way more grossed out eating a breakfast sandwich from Starbucks than I would eating one at McDonalds, which I believe is the king of all breakfast food. 

-Speaking of fast food breakfast, I think there’s some joke to be made about Chick-Fil-A’s chicken and egg breakfast sandwich. Something like, “What do they put on first, the chicken or the egg?” I haven’t totally ironed it out, but there’s something there for sure. Will put a pin in it for now. 

Thank you for your time. 


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