Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 22 - A Solution To Dipping Flat Chicken Wings

-When a place gives you wings, the blue cheese or ranch cup is only usable for the drumstick style wings. It’s impossible to dip the flat ones in the circular cup. They need to also serve blue cheese in a rectangular cup to dip the flats.

-Friendship goals for guys: Bring four friends to your local Five Guys. Take a picture together. Get a frame that says “Five guys at Five Guys.” Put it on your nightstand. Kiss it before bed every night. Squad goals.

-One of the most selfish moves at a game/movie theater/etc. is when the person in the row in front of you puts their arm behind their chair and blocks your cup holder. I hope these people suffer a slow and painful death.

-Why is “louder this” not a term when referring to television/music volume? Anytime I say it to someone they look at me like I’m crazy and have no grasp of the English language. I would like the volume to be louder than what it is, hence me saying “louder this.” I’m not going to say “higher this” and it’s easier than saying “make this louder.” People always fight me on this since it’s technically incorrect grammar, but I will continue to say “louder this” so get used to it.

-Is a Bed Bath & Beyond gift card the worst possible thing you can give a homeless person?

-When driving, I get pretty bad road rage, but only if the other driver isn’t intimidating. If it looks like someone who might get out and beat me up or be strapped with a firearm, I will lay off the horn. Otherwise, I will honk loudly and maybe even say some cusses.

-We could do better than the term “it’s like comparing apples to oranges” when referring to two different things. Apples and oranges, while different, are still both round fruits. If we want an idiom to refer to two entirely different things, maybe we should say “It’s like comparing spatulas to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” That would be more effective.

-I find it very cool when people refer to Toronto as “The 6.” Gets me every time.

-Life hack: When walking on an elevator, enter on the other side of where the door will close from. So if it closes faster than expected, you give yourself more time to not get hit by it.

-I recently moved into an apartment, but have no idea what floor to say I’m on. Here’s the debate: I walk into the ground floor, no rooms just a hallway. There’s a flight of stairs up to a floor that isn’t mine. Another flight up to a floor that isn’t mine. And then another flight up to my floor. If that first floor counts as 1, then I’m 4. But if it’s just a lobby since there’s no rooms, then I’m 3. Also there’s 3 flights of stairs. And my room number starts with a 2 so that doesn’t help at all. This is really more of a question for you guys than a thought.

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-Next time you get in the situation where someone says, “Oh wow small world!”, you should reply “But it’s the biggest thing we’ve got” and just walk away like a badass.

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