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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 19 - How To Establish Dominance At A Restaurant

-When at dinner with a group and the waiter comes for your orders, it’s a massive power move to single one person out and say “Frederick why don’t you start us off?”

*Note: your friend’s name might not be Frederick. Adjust accordingly

-Hopefully one day there will be technology where you can “save” your dreams. At the end of the dream, an option pops up where you can save it to a database to watch it at a later time. Sort of like an Instagram Live. I feel that this is unlikely, however.  

-Arcades are just casinos for kids.

-In your standard greeting, the second “how are you?” almost never gets a response.


“Hey, how are you?”
“Good, how are you?”

End of interaction. That second “how are you?” is rarely answered.

-In Justin Bieber’s song “Never Say Never”, Jaden Smith drops a line that goes “I was born from two stars so the moon’s where I land.” This references his celebrity parents – Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. It’s one of the most clever and HARDEST rap lyrics of all time.

-I have no idea what the nickname “Hal” is short for.

-The rapper Common should do a web series where he gives out wise but obvious life advice. He can then toss some coins and say “But that’s just Common Sense (cents).”

*This is not to be confused with the hit web series Tommy’s Two Cents (2018-2018).

-If you’re going to put olives in a salad, they should not have pits in them. Pits are annoying enough when eating olives by themselves, but manageable since it’s the only thing in your mouth. But in a salad, an olive is just part of the larger mix going in your bite. It’s very difficult to get the pit out with a bunch of other food in your mouth.

-I like using the term “and so on, and so forth.”

Thoughts I Tweeted This Week

-At Starbucks Tuesday morning, a barista yelled out an order “Tall dark”. I muttered under my breath, “and handsome.” Unfortunately it wasn’t loud enough for anyone to hear. Otherwise, it would’ve got tons of laughs. Huge missed opportunity.

Audience Thought Of The Week

From @AdamL1226 on Twitter

-There are many first names that are turned into nicknames/abbreviated: James becomes Jimmy. Thomas becomes Tommy. David becomes Dave. But when these same names are last names, nobody ever abbreviates them. You wouldn’t call LeBron James, LeBron “Jimmy” or Frank Thomas, Frank “Tommy” or Larry David, Larry “Dave.”

Thank you for your time.

Tommy's Thursday Thoughts

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