Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 71 - The Ice Box

-One of life’s most exhilarating moments is setting up a clock to match up exactly with the right time. I matched up our stove and microwave clocks the other day and have been chasing that high ever since. 

-One of my few but biggest weaknesses in life is being unable to judge new inventions. Every time I see a new invention, I’m blown away and think it’s genius. If I was on Shark Tank, I’d invest in every single product 

-There are times when listening to a certain song just really doesn’t fit what you’re doing. The other day I was washing dishes while listening to “Legend” by Drake, and it just didn’t feel quite right. 

-It’s always sad to think about forgotten shirts. The shirts that stuck in the back of a closet or tucked at the bottom of a drawer. You forget they exist and they never get in your wearing rotation.  

-In school, teachers would sometimes tell you to skip the first question of the test as a strategy. If it was too hard, you might get overwhelmed and think the whole test is gonna be hard. This never made sense to me. What if you skip the first question, and the second question is also very hard or even harder? Then you’re just stuck in the same predicament. 

-I hate giving people surprise gifts. The payoff is great if it’s something good, but I’d much rather know for sure it’s something the person wants and will like instead of taking a shot in the dark and buying something that’s just going to waste my money and disappoint the gift receiver. 

-We have officially moved into our new apartment, so we obviously need a cool name for it. We have decided on “The Ice Box” for no apparent reason, but it’s pretty fucking sick. 


-I really like the idea of buying a guitar so I can sit out here and play for the city as I serenade them. The only problem is I do not know how to play the guitar. 

-In case it is not obvious, yes our new apartment does have a balcony. 

Thank you for your time. 


Tommy's Thursday Thoughts

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