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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 66 - The Butterfly Effect

-I think we need to come up with a better game plan for asteroids. It seems like all we do is say “Yeah looks like this one should probably miss us” and then hope for the best. 

-Life’s new most awkward moment is those three to four seconds of everyone trying to leave a Zoom meeting after saying goodbye. 

-I think I’m the biggest believer of the butterfly effect in the world. I honestly think that if I ordered a Dr. Pepper instead of an orange soda on a random McDonald’s trip when I was 9, that I could be dead right now. Or maybe in the MLB. There’s no way to know. 

-I just recently realized that the word “nothing” is supposed to be the words “no” and “thing” combined. Not sure if I’m a genius for figuring it out or a moron for just realizing it. 

-My weather expectations change from April to May more than any other month. In April, I expect like 50 degrees and rain. But the second we switch to May, I’m expecting sunny 75 degree days. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s exactly how science works. 

-If I’m binging a TV show and want to call it a night but there’s a cliffhanger ending, I like to start the next one for just a few minutes to see what happened and then I’ll shut it off. Little life hack for you. 

-I never know what the appropriate response to a “happy birthday” text is. “Thanks” doesn’t seem appreciative. “Thank you” seems too formal. You can add exclamation points for a “Thanks!” or “Thank you!” but I personally am not someone who ever seriously uses exclamation points. It’s just not my personality and I fear that it will make my gratitude seem sarcastic. There’s really just no easy way to respond. 

-There was nothing like the rush of getting Facebook “happy birthday” messages in middle school. It was like a drug. My new drug is talking about it incessantly to hundreds of thousands of people on social media. 

-Despite all my actions these past couple days, I’m really not a big birthday person. 

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-How come your nose runs but your feet smell?

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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts

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