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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 65 - I Like Commercial Breaks

-There was nothing like the sheer anxiety of a desk switch in elementary school. As someone who hates change, I dreaded these days. Would I be stuck in the front? Will I be a near friend? What will our group chemistry be like? Very stressful. 

-This is an “unpopular opinion” but I don’t mind commercials. I don’t have a very good attention span and it’s nice to get a break to reset my mind and check my phone. Also gives me a chance to pee given my bladder problem. 

-You know you’ve made it as an actor when you get the “and” or “with” before your name during the opening credits. It’s always a long list that ends on “With Samuel L. Jackson” Or “And Jason Bateman.” That’s how you know they’re important. 

-One of life’s great problems is what to do with unfinished cereal, if there’s some milk and cereal itself left. Can’t dump it all in the sink because the cereal will clog the drain. Can’t just dump it in the garbage because the milk will make the bag wet and smell. So you have to carefully drain the milk, and then throw out the remaining cereal. It’s really just a whole tedious process that I don’t enjoy. 

-I had a thought written down about how we should have reverse microwaves. Like how microwaves make food hot fast, we should have something to make lukewarm drinks cold fast. I then remembered that ice cubes exist. 

-If I’m ever going to learn to drive on the highway, now would probably be a pretty good time to do so. 

-I got a few messages from last week’s video with people asking me if I’m “letting my hair grow out.” I would say it’s less “letting my hair grow out” and more “we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and I legally cannot go to a barbershop.”

-I always like leaving one “new tab” open in my browser because I never know when I’ll be struck with the idea to search something. 

-My birthday is coming up on Wednesday, April 29th. I will be turning 24, which I think means I’m officially going from my early to mid-twenties. I have nothing else to add on this. Just kind of wanted to give everyone a heads up about my birthday. 

Thank you for your time. 

Tommy's Thursday Thoughts

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