Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 56 - Very Thoughtful Gift

-I hope God has a list of everyone who’s ever ordered hot food at a movie theatre and sends them all straight to Hell.

-I went to my cousin’s wedding in October and gave her a $300 check for a gift. I recently got a card thanking me for my “very thoughtful gift.” But it was not thoughtful at all. I just asked my parents how much money I should give and they said $300. Very little, if any, thought went into that gift. I could have been thanked for a “very generous gift” but not thoughtful. That would be if I got her some personal gift instead of just writing a check. If I was someone who got her an actually thoughtful gift, I’d be upset to know that she’s handing out “very thoughtfuls” to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who spent 30 seconds writing a check. 

-You have to think that homeless people have really taken a hit with the rise of credit cards. People have way less change now that they’re not using cash. Homeless people may need to get on Venmo. 

-There’s a local bar/restaurant I frequent that has a chicken sandwich on the menu. Underneath, it says “please allow up to 20 minutes.” I find this extremely unnecessary. Twenty minutes seems like a pretty standard amount of time to wait for a food order. I don’t think making a special note about it is at all necessary. 

-The “scenes for next week” are the most exciting part of every television show. 

-Do people that play Hitler in a movie or TV show have to always walk around with the Hitler-style mustache while filming is going on? Must make trips to grab a morning coffee quite awkward. 

-I’ve said before that “overrated’ is kind of a compliment because it means most people think highly of you. On the other side of that, if someone says something I do is “surprisingly good” or “surprisingly funny” I kind of take that as an insult. It’s nice for that specific moment, but it means that in general, you just don’t think very highly of me. 

-A lot of people spell it "yea." But in his hit 2004 song, Usher spells it "yeah" with the “h” at the end, so I’ve always done the same. 

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-Bus drivers close the door after each student gets off the bus. But who closes the door after the driver gets off?

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