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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 45 - Nightmares Are Better Than Good Dreams

-When the delivery guy rings my apartment door, I like to wait maybe 10-15 seconds to answer it. It’s not long enough to be rude and hold up his day, but it’s just long enough for him to maybe think that I’m a cool and busy dude with a lot of stuff going on who’s not just waiting outside the door counting to 10 in his head. 

-I’d rather have a bad dream than a good dream. In the moment, bad dreams suck. But when you wake up, it’s a huge feeling of relief to think “Phew, it was just a dream” and then you go on with your day. When you wake up from a great dream and realize it didn’t really happen, it’s just utter disappointment and then you have to go about your normal life wishing that dream was real. 

-We should change the word “lip syncing” to “lip singing.” It just makes a lot more sense. 

-When crossing city streets, I look down at the people who are slaves to the walking signals. You should get to the corner, look both ways, and then decide for yourself if you can cross or not. There’s plenty of times you can cross while the red hand is up. I blow past these mindless sheep and scoff at them. 

-A lot of times when someone asks my name and I say “Tom,” people think I say “Kyle.” I have no idea why, but it’s happened many times. 

-I think sneezing into your hand is actually more gross than not covering your mouth at all. Not covering your mouth is gross, but at least it contains the germs to one spot. When you sneeze in your hand, you spread the germs everywhere your hand touches. People need to just sneeze into their elbows. 

-It takes a rare, special breed of person to go online and leave a review for a McDonalds. 

-It has been 12 days since I learned that pickles are cucumbers, and I still can’t wrap my mind around it. I never knew that “pickling” was just a process and cucumbers are just the most common thing we pickle. I thought there were like pickle plants or some shit. Really life-changing information.

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From @hos4dd on Instagram

-After making a purchase with my credit card, I hate when the cashier immediately jumps down my throat and tells me to remove my card. I know that I have to remove it, just let me do it on my own time.

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