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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 40 - Each Month's Color According To Me

-One of my dream jobs is being a hotel concierge. It’s one of the most powerful professions there is. It’d be an absolute delight to help guests find the best spots for food and entertainment in the local area.

-Back in school when had to do presentations, I would always volunteer to go right after a nervous presenter who gave an awful presentation. Then I would get up there and look so much better in comparison. I was good at public speaking to begin with, but by following a total stiff, I came off as great.

-On a jacket, the zipper starts from the bottom. But on a quarter zip, the zipper starts from the top. I have really nothing to add to this.

-I have a theory that nobody actually knows where Prague is. It’s a common place to say when talking about getaway spots, but I think most don’t know if it’s a city or a country or where it’s located. Or maybe it’s just me.

-Does anyone else associate each month with its own color? I don’t know why, but in my head some months have strong color associations when I think of the month’s calendar in my head. My list is this:

January – red
February – red
March – blue
April – yellow
May – brown
June – white
July – white
August – black
September – dark yellow
October – dark blue
November – dark orange/tan/brown mix
December – gold

-With dogs, you can leave them home by themselves all day and just leave out some food and toys for them …. You cannot do with that babies.

-Finding out you have the same birthday as someone is such a rush even though it essentially does not matter at all.

-A serious WWE injury could be a real case of the boy who cried wolf.

-There needs to be a way to maintain the perfect level of drunkness. If you don’t drink any more, it wears off quickly. If you have one more drink, it pushes you way over the edge. Maybe there should be a drink called “The Perfect Drunkness” which you drink every ~30 minutes to maintain that level. Get on it, science.


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-The whole salad dressing industry only exists because people just don’t really like the taste of salad.

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