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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 36 - Addressing The Elephant In The Room

-Where does the term “address the elephant in the room come from”? Why were the people in that room so afraid to mention that they were in the presence of an elephant?

-My biggest fear about dying is having to make initial small talk with people in the afterlife. There’s going to be people there I haven’t seen in like 40 or more years. What are we gonna talk about? Is there at least weather in the afterlife that we can discuss? I’m pretty stressed out about it.

-If aliens ever invade us, they can literally use the motto “Us Against The World”

-It’s always awkward when someone is giving you their number but you have it already and they forgot. Kind of insulting they didn’t save your number to begin with, and now you have to pretend like you don’t already have their contact saved.

-When someone sneezes, I try to say “Bless you” instead of “God Bless You.” But not because I’m some kind of heathen. Saying “God Bless you” seems like it’s putting a lot of pressure on God to do the blessing. He’s got enough on his plate, and I’m sure he has better things to do than worry about sneezes 24/7. I just say “Bless you” as if it to say, “You can sit this one out big G, I’ll handle the blessing. I’m sure you’re busy.” I bet he appreciates that.

-The concept of sponges disgusts me.

-Who was the first person to give their kid a bowl cut? What was the thought process there? Let me just throw a fucking bowl on my kid’s head, shave around it, and see what happens?

-I hate when air conditioners are in eco mode. Fluctuates too much between being cool and being warm. And I hate the unpredictability of not knowing when it’s going to shut off and come back on. Life itself is too unpredictable to begin with. We don’t need such uncertainty in our air ventilation.

-I don’t understand people who have private Instagrams but then a link to their vsco. Makes no sense to me. Are you trying to hide yourself or not?

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From @clay_sarge34 on Twitter

-Why do we use the term “sleep like a baby” to refer to a good sleep? Babies are terrible sleepers.

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