Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 32 - The Definitive Guide On Switching Airplane Seats

-Most bullies just make fun of the kid for having a stupid name. But truly great bullies would go and make fun of the kid’s parents for their poor decision making.

-When I want a room to be colder, I never know if “Raise the AC” is the proper term. Will the person think I want the temperature to be raised, thus making the room warmer? Or do they think I want the power of the AC to be raised, making the room colder?

-Being an only child basically just means you’re a permanent third wheel.

-Here is the definitive guide on when it’s acceptable to ask someone to switch seats on an airplane.

You can ask someone to switch if it’s the same style seat (aisle to aisle, middle to middle, window to window), or if it upgrades them from a middle to an aisle or to a window. You obviously can’t ask someone to go from a window or an aisle to a middle. And while you’re allowed to ask someone to go from an aisle to a window or vice versa, the person does have the right to refuse. They likely chose that seat for a reason. Maybe they enjoy resting their head on the window, or maybe they like the aisle because they’re a 23 year old with the bladder of an 80 year old. Hypothetically speaking of course.

-I don’t get how eggs work.

-Whenever I find out an American TV or movie character is actually being played by a British actor, I feel betrayed.

-Holding a door open for the person behind you is just common courtesy and something I always do. Not getting a “thank you” is extremely annoying and rude. However, I think it’s equally as annoying and rude if you do get a thank you, but they make no effort to put their hand on the door as you “pass it off” to them. Then you’re just standing there over stretching yourself like you’re their servant. A little effort goes a long way.

-There’s nothing like the thrill of dominating little kids in sports. They are laughably bad but actually think they have a chance. It’s adorable and can be quite a confidence boost.

-When I’m out to dinner with a large group and I have to go to the bathroom, I try to leave the table discretely so nobody notices. If people see I’m gone, it’s an open invitation for them to talk about me behind my back. Can’t have that. Survivor 101.

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-If you order a side salad but you didn’t order an entree, you just ordered a salad.

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