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Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 31 - Dessert Spoon Etiquette

-Why must desserts be served with multiple spoons? It puts pressure on the person who ordered it to share. Now if you say, “WE’RE gonna have the lemon blueberry tiramisu” then yes two spoons are fine. But if I’m ordering it for myself, I don’t want the awkward tension of that extra spoon sitting there when I have no intention of sharing. You don’t get an extra fork for your entree. If I have to “accidentally” knock that spoon onto the floor, I will.

-I think every hotel is in a competition with each other to see who can make turning on the shower more complicated.

-The guy who invented banks must have had a tough time pitching that business idea to people. “Hey everyone, you know all that money you got? Yeah, let me just like … have it.”

-Every once in awhile, I’ll take a running leap off the ground just in case I somehow gained the ability to fly. Would really suck if you were able to fly and just never got around to trying it.

-If I’m at a store or something on a Saturday, sometimes I’ll instinctively tell the cashier “Have a good weekend” as I leave. But then I realize that they’re spending their weekend working, so it’s not really a weekend, and I feel guilty about it.

-The age old lesson of “Look both ways before you cross the street” has clearly not made its way to the deer community.

-Here’s a real funny thing you can do for the next time you have a night out with the boys. When you all get your first drink of the night, propose a toast and say “To a night we’ll never forget ……. Or remember!”

(This is implying that you guys may black out from an overconsumption of alcohol).

-If you don’t get goosebumps during the ”banner yet wave” in the National Anthem, you are probably a Communist. (Please see video for my rendition of the lyric).


-Most people ignore phone calls from random numbers. Not me. You never know what it could be about! Could be an emergency, could be a Hollywood producer asking me to star in a movie, could be anything. I always pick up just to be safe.

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From @belsner133

-You have to at first fake being asleep to actually fall asleep.

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