Tommy's Thursday Thoughts: Vol. 26 - When To Pick Up A Dropped Item For Someone

-When someone drops something, I think it’s nice to pick it up for them but I quickly go through a strict test in my head to see if it’s worthy. Is it closer to me or them? Is the item likely to be carrying a lot of germs? How gross is the surface it landed on? Is the other person in better or worse physical shape than me? If all those tests are passed, I will pick up the item and feel polite. Otherwise, tough shit. Get it yourself.

-If you’re someone who uses the insult, “You must be fun at parties” then you yourself are probably not very fun at parties.

-I was recently going through airport security and my bag got pulled aside. The TSA agent put it in front of me and said “Open this up for me.” I thought it would be funny to say, “Oh I’m not touching that, there’s a bomb inside!” But I decided to not do that. In reality, I just had a liquid over 4 ounces.

-I’d rather the Earth go extinct than have to keep using paper straws.

-The feeling you get when you wake up a little bit before you have to get up, so you can just enjoy the warmth and comfort of your bed for a bit, is one of the best feelings in the world.

-Whenever splitting an appetizer with other people, I immediately count the number of food items on the plate and calculate how much each person should have. I then do the mental math and make sure everyone is eating their fair share.

-Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds get so many likes on their tweets.

-Whenever a burger place says they have a “special sauce,” it’s really always the same thing. Just some orange-ish mix that resembles Thousand Island dressing. Let’s get a little more creative with these “special” sauces.

-If I was a pro-athlete, I’d constantly fake mid-game injuries but stay in the game. If you play well, you look like a hero. If you struggle, you have a good excuse. The goal in life is to succeed. But the second biggest goal in life is to have a good excuse just in case you don’t.

-When giving someone a nickname to shorten their name, why is the default to always add a “y” or “ie” for that “ee” sound? Tommy, Jimmy, Billy, Frankie, Danny, Charlie, Benny, Jackie, Sammy, Marty, etc. The list goes on. I wonder how this started and why?

-I love when people say I’m some uncool dork as if I DON’T know all the lyrics to “Remember The Name” by Fort Minor

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-I’ve never thought of this, but it’s a great point. You just always assume the bottle is full.

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