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Salute This Dog, Or He Will Bring The Pain

Producer John Kelly, Researcher: Saint Anne 

Diyarbakır Prison, Southeastern Turkey 

Americans got their first exposure to Turkish prisons with the film Midnight Express (1978), but the movie fell short of reality. 

Diyarbakir is notorious for its use of torture on inmates, having children sentenced to life, sewage-flooded hallways, overcrowding, and murder.

The Most common torture practices were: severe and systematic beating; pulling of hair; being stripped naked; being blindfolded and hosed; solitary confinement; and the obligation to salute the warden's dog, a German Shepherd called "Jo", which was trained to bite the genitals of naked prisoners

Marine and resident dog trainer Uncle Chaps confirmed this is a real practice:

But wait, did you know this? Large has been to Jail before:

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