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Twisted History Turns 100 And Is Now On Video

This week's edition of Twisted History is our 100th episode and it is all about unusual deaths.

- A founding father who died whilst cleaning his dickhole with a piece of whalebone.

Giphy Images.

- A pope who may have been beaten to death with a hammer after being caught fucking someone's wife.

- A Florida woman who choked on a cock.

Giphy Images.

- A Pennsylvania woman who cranked up the homemade electric nipple clamps too high.

Giphy Images.

- Saint Peter was crucified upside-down.

- Simon the Zealot was sawn in half.

- Saint Lawrence was roasted alive.

There are also post-mortem appearances from Michael Hutchence, Mary The Elephant, and David Carradine who, as it turns out, were all very well-hung…

And for the first time, the whole episode was recorded on video which I attached above, and will drop onto YouTube as soon as I find a home for it.

Lotta fucked up shit this week… Enjoy.

Take a report.


And if a video is not your thing (and I am not sure why people would rather watch than simply listen), then you can always find the audio here…