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That time a mad Russian was trying to impregante women with monkey babies.

Ever hear of Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov, aka "The Red Frankenstein"?

Ivanov was an early practitioner of artificial insemination.  This was happening around 1900, so the field of genetics was very much in its infancy, and the “science” of artificial insemination at that time was essentially just injecting different animals with different sperms and praying for the best.

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As a result of all this random sperm shooting, Ivanov produced Zeedonks (zebra donkeys), Zubrons (bison and cow), an antelope-cow that I just named Milkelope, a mouse-rat I'll call a Rouse, a mouse-guinea pig that should've been immediately named Mini-Pig, and a guinea pig-rabbit I will simply call "Tony". 

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It seems silly now, but Stalin was in awe of this science/sorcery and was sure it could be used to create ape/human hybrid super soldiers.

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So Ilya got some government funding and went about trying to create humanzees in his lab using human hosts. At least five women eventually volunteered for the bizarre experiment… Which gives you a pretty good idea of how dire it must've been for single gals in early 20th century Russia.

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("Pick me, comrade!")

And I would lie to tell you more, but I would rather you listen (or watch) this week's Twisted History of Mad Scientists.

On top of ape soldiers, I tell the story of an experiment that inadvertently created monkey prostitutes, and then we get much darker as I take you inside the labs of Shiro Ishi's Unit 731.

Give it a listen and take a report.


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