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But I just recorded a whole podcast on those filthy fucking animals. 

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We’re over 100 episodes into this history podcast I do every week and I am trying desperately not to be ‘down the middle' with the topics I choose, so the Twisted History of Rats seemed like a logical option. 

Here’s a taste of what we touch on:

- Rats that spread the deadliest plague to ever… well… plague mankind. 

- Swarms of vermin that infested the trenches of World War I, and then almost overtook Leningrad in World War II. 

- The fact that Chicago recently grabbed the title as The Most Rat Infested City In America, and the fact there are at least 4 rats to every person in the city of Paris. 

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- An idiotic festival in Spain that stuffs dead rats into piñatas and an equally stupid festival in India where children are given dead rats as presents. 

- We touch briefly on Tunnel Rats in Vietnam and finish up by giving a twisted theory about what the Rugrats were really all about.

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Rats, rats, rats, rats, rats, rats, RATS! 

Give it a listen and take a report. 


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