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Kublai Khan Had 7,000 Concubines Vying For His Mongolian Beef

This week’s Twisted History with co-host Kenjac from Lights Camera Barstool is all about Genghis Kahn (Kublai’s grandfather).

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A murderous cocksucker, but also arguably the greatest military tactician of all time, Khan and his often undersized armies wiped out 11% of the world’s population – 40 million people.

There is no apples-to-apples death toll to compare that to, but for some small degree of perspective, even though WW2 bore 75 million casualties, Hitler’s horrific "pet project", The Holocaust, killed 6 million… The largest human catastrophe of Stalinism was the famine of 1930–1933, in which just over five million people died.… Genghis Khan’s Mongol army killed 40 million. 

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The only person who I credit as being more deadly than GK is Mao Tse-tung… The Chinese communist revolutionary who was the founding father of the People's Republic of China is credited with transforming that nation from a semi-colony to a powerful sovereign state… But he was additionally responsible for vast numbers of deaths with estimates ranging from 40 to 80 million victims through starvation, persecution, prison labor, and mass executions.

He's also seen on far too many t-shirts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

All of these numbers are fucking terrible BUT ALSO lead to the fact (and I talked about this once before with Jerry in the Twisted History Butterfly Effect episodethat Genghis Khan may have been the greatest environmentalist of all time after his bloody advance through Asia and Europe scrubbed 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere. 

Finally, when he was not busy subjugating the nations across Asia, he spent his time with the women… 

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He had six wives and around five hundred concubines. He fathered hundreds of children during his lifetime and is considered the most successful biological father in human history.

An estimated one in 200 men alive today is at least a distant relative of Genghis Khan.  His most famous descendant is R&B legend, Chaka Khan…

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There's plenty to break down, including some stats about Khan you've undoubtedly heard before, but hopefully, a couple you're not familiar with.

The video is above and the audio can be found here.

Enjoy and take a report.


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