I Spent WAY Too Long Listening To Billy Joel This Month

Last time I mention "We Didn't Start The Fire"... I promise.

I don’t even like Billy Joel, BUT that goddamned song was made for a history podcast... Particularly, Twisted History.

It’s what they call a “list song”… Unlike topical songs with a narrative and a cast of characters, list songs typically develop by working through a series of information.

This list song, in particular, has references to 118 significant political, cultural, scientific, and sporting events between 1949, the year of Joel's birth, and 1989, the year the song was released, in mainly chronological order. 

It took me 5 hours over 3 podcasts, but I broke down every fucking one of them... Right down to "JFK!.. Blown Away!... What else do I have to say?!?!?"

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(Grassy Knoll)

Give it a listen (or watch) because I think it is some of the best shit we have done on this podcast.

Take a report.