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Twisted History Pod with Large and Vibbs Debuts Wednesday

Barstool's newest podcast is Twisted History, hosted by Large of the 'Barstool Breakfast' morning show on Channe 85/Sirius XM from 7 - 9 A.M., and co-hosted by Jeff Vibbert, known for the wildly successfully "Lowering the Bar" video series, and produced by John Kelly. 

Subscribe now, and in two days listen to the debut of: The Twisted History of Japanese Kamikazes, followed by new topics on dark Hollywood directors, tragic sitcom stars, deaths of famous centerfolds, and more - EVERY Wednesday. 

Twisted History is a petulant and irreverent look at the darker side of history hosted by two guys who had to look up the words “petulant” and “irreverent”. It’s been called a "delightful romp through the annals is murder and mayhem” by Large’s wife and researcher for the pod: Saint Anne.

The series aims to entertain by shedding light onto some of the weirder skeletons that reside within the closets of History, Sports, Music, Politics, and Celebrity.

Listen to the 'Twisted History' curated historical sound byte intro here. 

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