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Meet The War Hero Who Killed A Whole Bunch Of Rats

On Today's Twisted History podcast:

- First 12 Mins, The White House visit

- Preview of episodes and guests to come 

- Addendum: 

- Correcting some things on The Twisted History of Playboy Centerfolds 

- The story of 'Jumbo' 

- Kelsey Grammer Update 

- Animal Warfare 

- War Pigs, by Black Sabbath 

- Richard Simmons 

- WWI Horses, donkeys, etc …

- Tirpitz, the war pig 

- Dickin Medal, awarded 71 times. Dogs, horses, and a cat named Simon ...whose commended for “courage under fire” for killing so many rats in a trench. 

- Dead Rats with explosive charges hidden underneath 

- Bat Bomb

- Indian war elephants

- Wojtek the bear 

- The shopping cart test 

We also preview the next few podcast on tap:

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