20 Dollar Chef - Father's Day Breakfast Board

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there! Today's episode of 20 Dollar Chef is for the dads. I was inspired by a wonderful IG page. @TheBakerMama. She has some amazing ideas and well worth a follow. 

This year for Father’s day we are going with a breakfast board. A nice little twist on the charcuterie boards. Why not bring dad a whole damn breakfast buffet for a change! On this board I went with Items my dad would enjoy. Steak and eggs had to happen, as well as donuts. As always, dad needs to wash this all down with the perfect beer! LaBatt Blue! The secret to these are knowing what your dad likes and making your board accordingly. 

This episode wasn’t really me showing you how to cook something. I’m just tossing a new idea out there for you to possibly do. 

Put in some extra effort this year for father’s day, and let him know he means the world!