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It was a good run.

It was a good run. 

Today’s lesson, nothing lasts forever. I knew it coming into this job. It’s been the a hell of a run. I’ve done things here I couldn’t have made up on a mushroom trip 5 years ago. 

This job has been a dream come true. I’m not bitter it’s over. I’m happy for the almost 4 years of employment that’s changed my life. 

Things I’m proud of over my Barstool career: 

I’ve fought in 2 RNR’s. 2 of the most insane periods of time in my life. That experience is unreal. I wish i was 25, I’d do every single one of them. ( I shoulda also did steroids that first fight. I might be 2-0 and not 1-1. Sorry Smitty. I had too:) 

I’ve Filmed and posted close to 400 episodes of my show. Which, if I did like other internet shows and did 8 episode “seasons.” I’d be 50 seasons deep. Not too bad. 

I’ve had the chance to do my show with some of the most amazing celebrities walking the planet. That was such a treat, and I was never happier than when I got those opportunities. 

I’ve done huge campaigns with at least 10 large clients. A few like Admiral Nelson’s, Frank’s Red Hot, and the best client of all, Labatt Blue. 

( Go buy a 12 pack in my memory if you’re a real one.) 

I rode into a stadium during the biggest rodeo in Canada, ( The Calgary fucking Stampede!) with the living  Legend Biz Nasty, on the Budweiser Clydesdales. I’ve watched those horses since i was a kid. Even though those good Canadian folks had no clue who I was, I didn’t care. I was there on that carriage with Biz and it was a once in a lifetime experience. 

I was on a huge SiriusXM show for a year with my friend, Pat McAfee. Then I had my own radio show at Sirius for 16 months. Looking back, there is plenty I would have changed, but that doesn’t change the fact I had the show and loved doing it. For a guy who used to dream of just being on a Sirius Show for 10 mins, this was all huge for me. 

I got to fly around on private Jets with Pat McAfee to cook on the early days of the Barstool College Football show. Those crowds are insane! 

Things I’m not Proud of: 

  • Getting in the argument with the other Chef at the office. I was out of place and apologized. He’s a good kid, with a very creative mind. He’s going to go far. 

 A little bit of advice, we all lose our cool occasionally, just don’t do it on Sirius radio. lol 

  • Not speaking up more around Barstool. I was always too worried about ruffling feathers, and not getting involved in the madness. Im from the west coast. We aren’t as confrontational. I wish I was confrontational. I wish I came in and said fuck it and talked way more shit to anyone who wanted that smoke, like Brandon Walker did it. Guns blazing. I came in like a new kid at school. Keep quite hoping I’d get to know the class and become cool with everyone, and be a part of it all. That never happened. 

In closing. 

This job is a wild ass ride. For those who enjoyed my content, laughed at my jokes, who interact, who cooked along, etc. thank you. Those who follow me because you truly enjoy my content, I appreciate you more than ever. You are why I keep grinding at my show, always trying to keep it fresh, and funny. 

For those who are gonna dance on my grave, those who have hated me since June 2019, you’re welcome. 

I’m happy to give you something to type about in your wild and crazy Saturday night drunk thread. Feels nice to get a parting shot in on the Reddit clowns. The folks who hate me, yet party in a chat room “drunk” on a Friday night. I’m ok not being interesting or liked by the party hotline squad. It took some getting used to, but I’ll be ok:)  

A few thank you’s: 

As I sit here post barstool, writing this I can still tell you Dave is the man. We have prob spoke a total of 14 mins in these years. That never mattered. Business did. What he never did was pretend we were more than we were and think things were always great. When shit wasn’t going a certain way, he called it to my attention, it was handled professionally and we moved on. As long as I sold Episodes, keep doing my show and holding up my end of the bargain, things were good. He’s a straight shooter. There is something terrifying yet beautiful about that. 

Nothing but a huge thanks for employing me. 

I’d like to thank Dave and Erika both for taking a chance and bringing me to NY. For paying me life changing salary to crete content. For allowing me to have 100% creative control over content that’s getting 6 figure ad deals. That’s a fucking dream come true. Wether it’s for 4 years or 4 days. 

Thanks to Willie and Large for always being welcoming and the first ones to dap me up or invite me on their show. Always down to film an episode of chef, n bring shit with them. Plus, always there to listen and give me advice and shoot the shit on a Friday morning at 9:10am with a beer and a shot of something delicious. 

Thank you to the homies on the 3rd floor. the sales and marketing team. Rob, Mb, Kelsey, Mike, Hayley, Fitz, Kyle Levy, and Kelly Martin (2nd floor:)  to name a few. Always so wonderful to work with, easy going and on top of their shit. Just an absolute joy as co-workers. 

Jen Simons. 

Jen Simons was one hell of a hire. Just an absolute sweetheart of a human. Compassionate, understanding, tentative, yet firm.  Before Jen, it was pretty hard to get the attention of both Dave and Erika. Then try to organize what was approved by them, with sales. Etc. Jen, came in and organized the fuck out of the whole chain of command and made me feel like every little detail was important. No matter what, I could always count on Jen. She was there in the flames to have my back with the Donny situation, and was the first person to call me after I found out my eventual Barstool Fate. 

Loud Sean. You’re the fucking man. Had to make sure you know. 

HUGE Thanks to my guy, Delco’s finest, Ryan Boornazian. ( Shout out Kings College.) We have gone on missions in probably 15 states. We have filmed 80% of chef together. He’s a fast, efficient and creative editor, but more importantly a good friend.  We’ve grown in the chaos together. We have been in screaming matches only to wake up and know that’s just how it works. Never hard feelings as this shit is business. Our friendship always topped everything. We can butt heads, apologize and keep filming. Whatever show inherits him is lucky as fuck. We missed maybe a week or two of content over the last 3 years. No matter what happened, we always got the episodes off. I respect his hard work, his hustle, and friendship. 

Finally, I’d like to thank my friend Pat McAfee. He brought me into all this. He asked me to be apart of his team, he asked what I wanted to do content wise. We took my Snapchat stories and made them a show. He was there to hand me the pen when I signed my first life changing, largest contract on my life. He gave me a huge hug when it was completed cause he knew i was emotional about it and he was genuinely happy for me. 

He was there every morning 90 mins early to train with me for the first RNR. He held me accountable, gave me a platform and shared me with his million plus, fans. The man built the foundation of my brand and let me do my thing and try to fly in the big city. 

Looking back, I wouldn’t change anything. It was a dream come true of a ride. Chef will continue as Dave and Erika are allowing me to keep my IP and social and I can continue to build my brand. Which they didn’t have to. They are just being as cool as a business can who isn’t picking up your contract. 

Thank you Stoolies. Everyone single one of you I run into on the street, or in the grocery store, or at a bar, or in traffic, is the nicest and most flattering human one can ask to speak with and engage. For every burner acct. saying I’m trash on Twitter, are 300 real Life people who are quick to come up and let you know how much they enjoy Barstool, and my content. It’s the best feeling in the world to be standing in line somewhere and a Stoolie pops out of nowhere to let you know they love what you do. 

I’ll continue with Chef, ( Any out of work editors / social media managers looking for some work?:) 

I’ve had lots of ups and down as a person in the entertainment industry since I entered it at 24. Chasing a dream was never going to be easy and Barstool has done nothing but help me achieve that dream. 

If you enjoy my content, let’s continue to grow. 

Follow me on IG and let’s keep cooking:) 

Thanks for your time and energy, thanks for watching my content and thanks for this opportunity, 

When the universe talks, you just have to listen.

I’m gonna listen. 


Shaun Latham 



Hey Dave, 

If you happen to know anyone who would be a good match up for me down the line for RNR, I think I have one, maybe 2 left in the tank.

Thx for the ride guys,