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20 Dollar Chef - Grilled Margherita Pizza

Today on 20 Dollar Chef we are grilling a Margherita pizza and drinking Labatt Blue. The ball of dough which can easily make 2 pizzas was like $1.99. The sauce, cheese and tomatoes were around 10 bucks combined. So that puts us way under budget today. This was pretty easy to make overall. Outside the fact i'm incapable of making pizza dough into an actual circle. Huge shoutout to Pizzeria pie makers. You guys have a special talent. 

Either way it's a win/win. Your lady will think it's cute you made the attempt. Plus this grilled pizza came out tasting way better than it did at being perfectly round. Grab a ball of dough, a 12 pack of Labatt and go have a nice little date night with your person! 

Thanks for watching!