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20 Dollar Chef - Russian Pumpkin

On today's episode of the 20 Dollar Chef, I went with a solid fall cocktail. A nice little twist on the White Russian. Today, we make a Russian Pumpkin. Just adding some pumpkin pie spice, and some crushed up Cinnamon Toast Crunch to the rim of our glass and there you go, A Russian Pumpkin. If you've never made a White Russian, It's Kahlua, vodka and cream. I've always loved this drink sporadically. This is definitely a fall recipe to get things going. Plus its pretty damn strong. I strongly suggest adding extra smashed up Cinnamon toast crunch to the top. Like a garnish. It tastes like you're eating a spiked bowl of cereal. I love  this recipe and i'm sure you will also! 


- New Amsterdam Vodka

- Kahlua

- Cream ( Subbing in some sort of pumpkin flavored creamer could work well also!)

- Pumpkin pie spice

- Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Thanks for watching!