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20 Dollar Chef - Apple Cider Margarita

On today’s episode of the 20 Dollar Chef, we continue with the fall cocktails. Today, we go with an Apple cider margarita. I used Mescal instead of Tequila. Obviously, tequila is fine.

This is a pretty simple recipe. Tequila, triple sec (Cointreau or Grand Mariner also work.
They are just more expensive.)

Get a small plate and add your brown sugar and cinnamon to a small plate, mix it around, dip your glass in some triple sec and then circle it around in your brown sugar mix.

Pour your tequila, triple sec, and apple cider in a shaker and mix. Pour over ice in your glass
For the garnish you’re gonna want to grab a couple apples n cinnamon sticks.

Done n done. You’ll want to be careful, as the tequila isn’t very strong tasting due to the apple cider. This cocktail goes down smooth.