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20 Dollar Chef - Lamb And Peppers

Today on 20 Dollar Chef we grill some lamb and peppers. I've only done the lollipop chops a handful of times. This time I coated the chops with Harissa seasoning. I grilled up a zucchini, squash and some sweet peppers. I made a nice little sauce using some greek yogurt and Harissa sauce. All commonly sold in the condiments and spices isle at the grocery store. Harissa is a paste made from chillies and spices. If you enjoy dishes that are made with cumin, then you'll very much enjoy this seasoning and dip. 

When you're grilling lamb like this don't go walking away from the grill. It cooks fast, you can't be overcooking this delicious cut of meat. A few minutes on each side and you're good. 

Whip up your sauce. Should only take a minute. A little Harissa sauce and some greek yogurt mixed nicely. 

I went cilantro for garnish. This was in the 30 Dollar Chef range. I also bought double what you need. You can buy half this amount of meat I did as long as you're throwing it under the appetizer umbrella. 

Thanks for watching!