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20 Dollar Chef - Whiskey Summer

Today on the 20 Dollar Chef we have another delicious cocktail. Everyone has been asking for a whiskey drink. So today we have a little whiskey summer cocktail. 

If you’re new to whiskey, baby steps. This liquor has a different chemical reaction in the body. Especially if you have demons you haven’t delt with. I gave this shit up for years. Came back around a few years ago and now partake, sparingly.

For this drink you’ll need some (Pitted) cherries. If you can't find any like I could'nt, just cut the pits out and toss in the glass. Add a little fresh ginger, your whiskey and a splash of lemonade. That’s it, drink up! The ginger really makes this drink refreshing and very easy to drink. Don’t get crazy with the lemonade! You only need a splash. Now hit the store and go be your best bartender. 

Thanks for watching!