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20 Dollar Chef - Ribeye Sandwich

Today on 20 Dollar Chef, we grill up some ribeye sandwiches and drink some Labatt Blue. I really enjoy what happens when you bring steak and poblano peppers together. I feel like this should be happening more. Throw in some grilled onion and jalapeño with a nice cheese and you have yourself a nice tasting sandwich. Obviously, washing it down with the perfect beer, Labatt Blue, is essential. For a dressing I just mixed together some stone ground mustard, mayo and Worcestershire. Giving it just a tad bit more flavor. Making sure not to overpower whats happening here. The steak and poblano are the driving force, so a subtle sauce is all you’ll need. This is a recipe you can experiment with. Different kinds of steak or cheese, even different breads. I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy many times over. Grab a beer, hit the grill and start cooking! 

Thanks for watching!