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20 Dollar Chef - Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham

On today’s episode of the 20 Dollar Chef, I get into the Pork roll/Taylor Ham discussion. This is a North Jersey vs. South Jersey thing.  The south calls it Pork roll, the north, Taylor Ham. Taylor Ham is the company, Pork roll is what the meat is. I went to a solid little, locally owned spot in Central Jersey, Bings Deli. Located in Avon By The Sea, NJ. They make a wonderful Pork roll, egg n cheese cheese so I stopped my to discuss this topic with them. 

Basically New Jersey has figured out a perfect breakfast sandwich they just don’t agree on what they call it. Call it what you have to, cause this sandwich is good AF. 

Thanks to Brennen, Skyler and the staff at Bings for allowing us to come in and pick their brains ok this topic. Next time your in the area, stop by and say hello! 

Bings Deli

222 Main St.
Avon-by-the-Sea, New Jersey 07717