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20 Dollar Chef - Grilled Tri Tip And An Onion Bomb

On today's episode on the 20 Dollar Chef, I am back on the grill. This time I went with a nice little 2 lb. tri-tip and an onion bomb, made by my long time friend, Todd McComas. Tri Tip os on e of my favorite cuts of beef to cook. It's huge, not to expensive and tastes delicious.You're going to want to sear both sides then take it off the direct heat and let cook until you get an internal temp of about 135. I was 100% wrong about how long to sear this bitch. I said 5-8 mins. It should sear for about 10 min. each side then set to the side off the direct heat. Just keep an eye on that temp after you’ve taken it off that direct flame. I went to hit a bowl and let the internal temp get to 140 like a dummy. Luckily, It still came out juicy and tasted wonderful. 

The onion bomb is pretty easy and came out nice. Carve out a hole at the top and stuff it with butter and minced garlic. I also threw some corn with a jalapeño and some shallots in the tin pan with some butter and seasoning for a quick ass side dish.

Just know that I fuck up alot. This helps show others so they don't fuck up what I do. Even with the fuck ups, shit was goood!