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20 Dollar Chef - Huevos Con Papas

Today on the 20 Dollar Chef, I went with another strong breakfast recipe. Huevos con papas. Egg and Potato tacos. As far as cost, this is as quarantine as it gets. I think the glue holding this recipe together is a solid salsa. This is something I try to have on deck in the fridge as much as possible. This is a recipe that might be around $6 to feed a few people. A few eggs, an onion, a potato or 2, a pack of tortillas and some cheese. topped with that salsita and it's showtime folks. I like to serve these one at a time so there are piping hot. These tacos are filling and are loaded with flavor. 


  • Flour or Corn tortillas ( Served hot AF.)
  • Cheese of your liking
  • Eggs ( 3-6 depending on how many people you’re feeding.)
  • Potatoes ( 1-3 depending on how many people you’re feeding.)
  • Onion and Garlic ( I like to brown these two just before I add the potato.)
  • Salsita ( Link to make a good home salsa.)