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20 Dollar Chef - Quarantine Fried Rice

On this special Quarantined episode of 20 Dollar Chef, We are locked in and cooking what we have. W also made a smart move and grabbed up some Labatt Blue. The meat departments are empty. Ground pork seems like one of the last meats to go. I always have rice hanging around. Hopefully you got some eggs and garlic before the shit hit the fan. If you don't have a bottle of soy sauce, go check the drawer with the sauce packets. You can get away with a handful of packs for this dish. 

This week is a great time to really enjoy yourself and maybe do some solid work in the kitchen. Fried rice is always a go to. Thanks for watching!

Ingredients list:

- 1lb. of ground pork

- Soy sauce 

- 2 Cups or rice

- 3 eggs 

- Sesame seeds (If you have some.)

- 10 or so garlic gloves

- Some Ginger if you can find some. (I just added this extra to use the ginger I had. this isn't necessary. 

- Some scallions to mix in at the end