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I Made My Own Axe. No Big Deal

Sorry for not warning you before, but this video is NSFW. Sorry if my overalls and bare chest make you feel things. 

I took an old rusty axe head and a log and turned them into a useful tool. Sometimes I just sit there with it, letting it rest in my lap, caressing it, telling it everything will be okay. Maybe I'll name it. Nah, not really a name guy. You're all welcome to name it, though. Maybe my overalls and I will mosey on out to some woods and do some chopping with our new friend. That sounds about right.

Remember when I couldn't even use a circular saw without fucking up? Now look at me. I'm not Longtime Toolie Norm Abram by any stretch, but I'm also not the same guy who took three hours to figure out I had the blade on a miter saw backwards and the haters are FURIOUS. I'm going to keep learning and getting better, and I couldn't do it without the Toolies. 

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