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Longtime Toolies: From A 5-Dollar Garage Sale Bike To A Birthday-Surprise Fortnite Bike

This one was a lot more frustrating than I thought it would be but the payoff was fantastic. The biggest take away I had while doing this little rejuvenation was that if you buy spray paint without primer mixed in already, you are an idiot. Like an idiot, I got some bright spray paint that didnt have primer, it looked like shit. Even going over a dull grey frame, it looked like shit so I had to switch it up. 

Bike chains. Bike tubes. Two things I had never fucked with before but they were on the opposite end of the spectrum for my disbelief. The bike chain was easy as hell to fix. Loosen the back wheel nut, place your foot on the frame, pull the wheel as far as you can, tighten the nut. Boom. The chain is tight again. 

The tube of the tire is what got me. I'll explain it in the video.