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Longtime Toolies: Am I A Piece of “Moronic Shit“ For Having A 96 Inch Level?

In some ways, my brain works a little differently than other peoples'. Sometimes that's great and sometimes it's not. For instance, I saw a bunch of filing cabinets and turned them into a toolbox. That was a pretty good idea. The way that I did it, it wasn't great. I didn't have much worktop area and it was honestly too low to be a functional worktop. 

Enter this level. I had purchased a straight edge that was supposed to be a high-quality rip fence. The clamps were shit and it bent within the first week which made it pretty useless. 

This level was an open box purchase from Amazon. It has a long, smooth side; it's two inches thick; I could put a measuring tape along the edge. In theory, it would be perfect. Sure, you can use a 2x4 but sometimes those fuckers aren't straight and you don't always have an 8 footer laying around unless you look inside my size 34 trousers. 

So, I give it the ole college try. I think it worked out pretty well. 

If you enjoy the toolie content, we are putting certain stuff out only on youtube. This week, Kyle did a little unboxing. The dude fucking loves planes, and Im not talkin about F-18. It's legit remarkable how much Kyle loves these things. The fact that he hasnt been murdered by his wife for winning auction after auction after auction on planes is baffling. I expect him to be dead every day but nevertheless, he texts back. So subscribe to the channel. 

Intentionally or not, we've essentially turned into the barstool version of Tim and Al. Regrettably, Im the dumb one.