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Longtime Toolies: I've Made A Huge Mistake

I fudged up, guys. No, I didn't drug an entire bachelor party and lose my best pal, but I did set up my workshop like a cotton-headed ninny muggins.

Just look at that. Gross. I have virtually no work surface so I sit on the floor like a poor, and I covered that floor with gym mats?! What was I thinking? I took a long ride on a scooter and did some soul-searching and arrived at the conclusion that I must unfuck this unholy disaster before the ghost of Bob Vila comes to haunt me. Bob isn't dead, I know, but the sight of this might kill him. 

I got to work and took a huge first step in making this a workshop instead of a storage shed. There is a lot more to do but as Bob as my witness it will get done and it will be glorious.

Also, I got a giant 8-foot level and the haters are FURIOUS (I look great btw).

Bet you can't guess what I'm going to turn it into. Stay tuned to Longtime Toolies on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to get the breaking news.