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Longtime Toolies: Nerf Targets And The Unveiling Of My New Miter Saw (It's Incredible)

This is the first thing that I've built that the whole family has enjoyed. Laying down and taking out targets in the living room or backyard has been great. So great, in fact, that I ordered several more nerf guns to go along with it. 

I have an announcement regarding tools though. My least favorite tool has been overtaken. Move aside, jackhammer. My least favorite tool is hole saws. Those things fucking suck. I don't know if the super expensive sets make a difference but, I've purchased two sets and both of them are awful. I am out on hole saws. 

I'm in on the miter saw from Dewalt. It's so powerful and I caught it on sale. Even with the stock blade, it cut through wood with ease which it should because it was softwood and a 2x2 that I cut. 

Anyway, I recommend making this target. Its really fun and you can customize it for anything that your kid is interested in. We are using it for math too. The backside of mine is a whiteboard. We keep score and make McCartney do the addition. 

This week I'm gonna build some overhead storage in my garage, re-do my table saw set up, and maybe build a miter saw station. Good time all around. Make sure to subscribe to our channels and you can see the other games I've made.